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Customized Chatbot

Chatbots are reshaping how industries and individuals interact with each other, as well as how data is collected and communicated between parties. We develop smart chatbots that helps you serve your customers round-the-clock with personalised experience. It not only tends to be faster but also capable enough to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

  • Flow based Bot
  • Hybrid Bot
  • Website Bot
  • Mobile App Bot
  • Voice Interface Bot
  • Customised Bot
  • Monitoring Bot
  • Artificially Intelligent Bot

Social Media Chatbot

We build social media chatbots for businesses to connect with millions of users on social platforms. These chatbots enable you to automate your marketing campaigns, customer support and sales in an intelligent manner. It enables you to keep in touch with prospects while improving the way businesses interact.

  • Skype Bot
  • Slack Bot
  • WhatsApp Bot
  • Telegram Bot
  • IBM Watson Bot
  • Microsoft Bot
  • WeChat Bot
  • Facebook Bot

Consulting Chatbot

These Chatbots act as a Virtual Personal assistant. Anything from weather forecast to dinner travel reservations, news updates to home appliances control, is possible with these bots. The level of automation is limitless, and can eliminate the need of manual intervention by upto 95%.

  • Concierge Bot
  • News Bot
  • Shopping Bot
  • Entertainment Bot
  • Travel Bot
  • Support Bot
  • Banking Bot
  • Personal Styling Bot

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